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Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools and yesterday's concepts.

- Marshall McLuhan

Learning Services


Whether it's one-on-one or small group, TMBUK2 learning strategists are ready to facilitate learning sessions that are engaging and easy to understand from the comfort of your home. All you need is a device (laptop, desktop or tablet) and some internet. Get started in 3 easy steps:

1) Submit a registration form and await confirmation of available learning strategist.

2) Purchase a package.

3) Book your sessions.  



We provide support for kindergarten through grade 12 in the following:

  • Language/English 

  • Math (Including Data Management, Calculus and Advanced Functions)

  • Science (Including Chemistry, Physics and Biology)

  • French

Spaces are limited and subject to availability of learning strategists.

Online Tutoring

Virtual Literacy Clubs

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of words, stories, and imagination? TMBUK2's Virtual Literacy Clubs are here to ignite your child's passion for reading, enhance their literacy skills, and create a close-knit community of book lovers and learners alike. Our carefully curated program is designed to make reading not only enjoyable but also a gateway to exploration and creativity. TMBUK2's Literacy Clubs incorporate the following:


  1. Literacy Kits: Upon joining our club, each participant will receive a thoughtfully crafted literacy kit. These kits have engaging novels tailored to different reading levels and interests. They also include a variety of materials for interactive and hands-on activities related to the novels. Expect discussion prompts, creative writing exercises, art exercises, and STEAM tasks. These activities are designed to deepen children's understanding of the concepts within the stories and encourage critical thinking.

  2. Weekly Group Meetings: Led by a friendly and experienced learning strategist, weekly group sessions provide a platform for lively discussions, sharing insights, and connecting with others fellow book enthusiasts.

  3. End of Term Field Trip: Whether it's visiting a local museum, exploring a historical site, or enjoying an outdoor adventure inspired by a book, this field trip is a memorable and enriching experience for our literacy club groups to network and connect.

NEW - Literacy kits are now available for learners and families that are self-directed, independent, homeschooled, or whom would benefit from an enriched and self-paced learning experience. 


Literacy clubs will run from January 31, 2024 - to March 27, 2024.

Early bird promo valid until December 22, 2023.

Registration closes January 12, 2023.

Literacy Club

Summer Camp

In collaboration with Little Bloomers Childcare, TMBUK2 will be running a summer STEAM Camp. TMBUK2 Summer STEAM Camps are designed to give children a childcare experience that is both socially and academically enriched.

Having partnered with various organizations such as various CAS, the Toronto Catholic and Peel District School Boards, and the Ontario Ministry of Education, it is of the upmost importance to us that we not only ensure our programming is engaging, but that it is aligned with the learning expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. This is why you can rest assured that TMBUK2 STEAM Camp will prevent academic backslide, and will instead leave your child primed and ready for the school year ahead.

Age: 4-7 & 8-13. 

Duration: July 4th to September 1st 2024





The purpose of TMBUK2 Study Halls is to offer our secondary learners a well-rounded support system that not only caters to their academic needs, but also their social, occupational and mental well-being. These workshops may offer support in areas such as exam preparation, cover letter and resume development, financial literacy and post-secondary application guidance. While Study Halls are not customized for any particular learner, they do offer an opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship from Learning Strategists in small group settings.

  • Group Study Sessions

  • Financial Literacy

  • Post-Secondary Application Assistance and Mentorship

  • Cover Letter / Resume Development and Job Application Assistance

  • Professional Editing

  • Networking Opportunities

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