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Thank you for showing interest in TMBUK2's educational services. We are genuinely excited to know that you have considered making TMBUK2 a part of your learner's educational journey!

So where do we begin? 
TMBUK2 accommodates families and learners by providing online learning services. Getting to know each of our learners and families is an important step towards accessing our learning services. This is achieved through an online registration form. Once the registration form is completed and submitted, a Lead Learning Strategist will review it and determine whether we are able to meet your needs or if you'll need to be waitlisted until availability opens up. 

The steps are simple:

  1. Complete the online tutoring Registration Form.

  2. A TMBUK2 representative will reach out to you within 1-2 business days to confirm availability of a learning strategist.

  3. If a learning strategist is available you will be invited to sign up for a member account and purchase the desired package from our Purchase Sessions page (this is where you apply any applicable promo codes).

  4. Book your purchased learning sessions online with your assigned learning strategist in accordance with the stipulated availability and scheduling time.

  5. Attend and enjoy your learning sessions.

Consultation Application

Registration Form for Online Tutoring



Why do I need to submit a registration form?

At TMBUK2 we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and high-quality instruction. Registration forms allow you to express in detail the type of support you are seeking and to share important information about your learners. This allows us to determine if we currently have Learning Strategists whom are both able and available to meet your needs.  

What do you do with the information?

Please only divulge information that you are comfortable sharing. The questions on our registration form are intended to help us develop a detailed perspective of your needs so that we can determine if we are able to support you and in turn, construct a personalized plan for your learner. Information will remain confidential and may only be shared with TMBUK2 representatives that will be working directly with your learner (i.e. learning strategists).

What happens after I submit the registration form?

We will review your registration form and determine within 1-2 business days whether we are able to meet your needs. If we are able to meet your needs, we will respond with information about the learning strategists that would be working with your learner, their availability and instructions on how the learning service will be initiated. If we are not able to meet your needs, then we will ask you if you would like to be added to our waitlist.   

Can we book a phone or online consultation?

Yes you can. While completing the the registration form please remember to check the box to request an online or phone consultation. Please also ensure that you identify the days and times that you're available for the consultation. 

Do you conduct assessments to help determine where learners are at?

Yes. Upon request, an assessment can be conducted; however, they are only available for the following subjects and grades:

  • Math, kindergarten to Grade 10

  • French, kindergarten to Grade 8 

What platform will I be using for the online learning sessions?

We rely largely on two online platforms to facilitate our online learning: Zoom and Conceptboard. We use Zoom for it's a free and easy to use video/audio conference application. While Conceptboard also has video and audio conferencing capabilities, we use it primarily for the creation and facilitation of your learners personalized instruction. 

How old must my child be to participate in online learning sessions?

We offer online learning for all school-aged children kindergarten through grade 12.

Why can I not purchase a plan?

In order to purchase a plan you must both submit a registration form and sign up as a member. After confirmation of an available learning strategist and an agreed upon schedule, you will be invited to purchase a plan and book your sessions.

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