The evolution of TMBUK2 has been a thing born out of love for education. Raising our children, we knew that kids sometimes needed a little extra care in order to excel academically. With professional backgrounds in education and public health, we thought to combine our formal training, experiences, passion for learning, and the love of raising our children in order to form a unique educational service for learners of all ages. We use research, proven methods and real life applications to help young people reach their full potential and develop their own passions for learning!



Our strategy is practical: start with what you have. Everyone carries with them their own set of strengths and interests. At the same time our day to day interactions offer us many opportunities to teach and learn. An entrepreneurial spirit might rely on money to learn teach math. A foodie may utilize their love of cooking to understand science. And a conversationalist might harness there gift of gab to improve their reading and writing. Whatever the case may be, there is sure to be ways to make our children understand and thrive.

When teaching, our main objective is to develop learning goals for students and to involve parents and guardians in the learning process. We are committed to making accommodations for learners with special educational needs wherever possible while simultaneously addressing the Ministry of Education’s mandated curricular expectations. 

So you can rest assured that your student is getting the best value to succeed both personally and academically using strategies that can be applied daily.

The TMBUK2 Family 

The truth is... we are only as good as the team... Whoops! We meant ...family,  that we have backing us up. When we started building this company we knew that we wanted TMBUK2 to be made up of a team of dedicated, committed, fun and reliable Learning Strategists. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and as such we are continuously looking to create the strongest village for all of our learners, which starts with out Learning Strategist.

Over the years we have slowly but confidently added valuable players to this team to work WITH us. Our Learning Strategist come from diverse cultural backgrounds and carry with them varying professional expertise and post-secondary qualifications ranging from teaching, to early childhood education, to engineering, to business. Similar to how we respect the diverse needs of our learners we also allow each of our Learning Strategists to bring their unique set of educational experiences, strategies and expertise to the table.

Tutor Readiness

We take pride in our commitment to tapping into every child’s ability to learn. All Learning Strategists take part in a mandatory training process that solidifies this shared belief that all learners possess the capacity to learn.

It is important to note that TMBUK2 does not offer a set curriculum. However, both Learning Strategists and Lead Learning Strategists work closely together to formulate custom learning plans with specific goals for each learner. With that being said, every family can rest assured that there is a dedicated team of experts working towards the success of their learner.




Director of Operations, Lead Learning Strategist


As a mother and Public Health Practitioner, my passions have always been centered on child health and development. These passions have helped me to realize the importance of ensuring that children are not only getting the most out of their learning and educational experiences, but that they are also learning to enjoy the process of gaining new knowledge and skills. As a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist, my goal is to help create learning environments that enable learners to see and appreciate how education is manifested in their everyday lives.

Subject Expertise

Mathematics (Elementary/Secondary)

Biology (Secondary)

Chemistry (Secondary)

Physics (Secondary)​

Reading/Writings (Elementary)

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Director of Programs & Services

Lead Learning Strategist

Bachelor of Arts

Masters of Teaching


Being a teacher in the Toronto District School Board has taught me a lot about how the dynamics of education are changing. Technology and innovation has advanced incredibly while students are learning and thinking in new ways. No two students are alike. As a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist, my personal goal is to get to know every learner, understand their academic strengths and weaknesses, and  to help them set their own personal and academic goals.

Subject Expertise:

Mathematics (Elementary/Secondary)

Reading/Writing/English (Elementary/Secondary)

Social Studies (Elementary/Secondary)



Lead Learning Strategist

Bio Coming Soon!

Subject Expertise

French ( K - 8)

Mathematics (Elementary)

Reading/Writings (Elementary/Secondary)



Lead Learning Strategist

Bio Coming Soon!

Subject Expertise:

French (K -12)

Mathematics (Elementary)

Reading/Writing/English (Elementary/Secondary)



Learning Strategist

My passion for education has encouraged me to find creative and unique solutions to each student's learning style. Inspiring students to find a passion for learning is one of the core tenants of my educational philosophy. Throughout my teaching career, I've learned to approach every student as a unique individual adapting to their special learning behaviour. As a learning strategist at TMBUK2, my goal is to engage each student to find the tools that make them successful learners.  

Subject Expertise

Language Arts ( K - 12)

Mathematics ( K - 8)



Learning Strategist

Advanced Diploma Computer Systems Engineering

'm passionate about learning and helping others achieve their goals. I believe every child is gifted and has a unique set of strengths and skills. My goal as a TMBUK2 learning strategist is to help students identify their strengths, hone their skills and help them create their own path towards success.

Subject Expertise:

Mathematics (K - 8)

Science ( K - 10)



Picture_of_me - Paula Toro.jpg


Learning Strategist, Art Teacher

Bachelors of Science (In-progress)

Psychology, Minor in Antrhopolog

As a student at the University of Toronto pursuing my HBSc, I understand the ups and downs of student life. I have always been extremely passionate about academia and through my experience in education and as a student it has become clear that everyone learns differently. There are many different approaches to learning which I have had the opportunity to study as a psychology student and I believe that taking the time to find which strategy is best for each learner is fundamental to education. As a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist, my goal is to create personalized and accessible learning environments allowing learners to reach their potential and find the beauty in academia.

Subject Expertise


French (K - 8)

Math ( K - 10)

Science, Chemistry, Biology,

Data Management



Owner of Aventures Ltd.

As the youngest Learning Strategist at TMBUK2, Ava brings with her an arsenal of experience in the world of imaginative play, creative ingenuity, comedic . She is an excellent addition to the team as she constantly reminds us of the importance of taking a moment to enjoy the learning we experience.... through play.

Subject Expertise:

Math (Up to grade 4)







Learning Strategist

Masters of Teaching Candidate

I initially started working with children back in 2014 at schools, daycares and community centres, and from that rewarding experience, I aspired to become a future educator. I completed my Bachelors in Child and Youth Studies, and excited to share that I am enrolled in the Master of Teaching program at the UofT for fall 2021 to continue my long-standing journey of becoming a licensed teacher. My many years of experience working with diverse groups of children have strengthened my abilities in child development, tutoring, leadership, and lesson planning. My teaching philosophy is to learn what makes children unique! Getting to know a learner's strengths and struggles allows me to meet their needs by providing the appropriate learning techniques, supportive social networks, and emotional reactions. My ultimate goal as a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist is to support, empower and create a positive difference through facilitating each learner's educational and social goals.

Subject Expertise

Language Arts ( K - 10)

Mathematics ( K - 10)

Science, Biology



Learning Strategist

Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology & Genetics

I completed my HBSc. in Molecular Biology & Genetics at McMaster University. Having spent the great majority of my life thus far in school, I've developed an appreciation for it. Education is extremely empowering, and it builds the foundation for how we move through the world. Personalizing education to the student’s needs makes the learning process significantly more positive and productive. I strongly believe that every student is very much capable of learning anything when we take the time to understand how they learn. Everyone carries unique qualities and life experiences, and learning is optimized when teaching styles take these factors into account. As a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist, I hope to work with every student to understand their learning style, help them capitalize on their strengths and work on their weaknesses, and build their own definition of success.

Subject Expertise

Language Arts ( K - 4)

Mathematics ( K - 10)

Functions, Adv. Functions

Biology, Chemistry

TMBUK2 - LS Profile Pic.jpeg


Learning Strategist

Bachelors of Civil Engineering

I want to share my love of math with the world. I believe all learners are unique and have the potential to be successful. As a TMBUK2 Learning Strategist, my goal is to show students that with patience, practice and a good attitude, Math is fun!

Subject Expertise

Math ( 5 - 10)

Functions, Adv. Functions,

Calculus, Data Management

Chemistry, Physics

TMBUK2 LS - Profile Pic.jpeg


Learning Strategist

Bachelors of Life Science

Dental Hygiene Program (In-progress)

I completed my undergrad degree in Life Sciences (Human Bio and Psychology) from University of Toronto and currently a student of Dental Hygiene Program at Durham College. Over the years I have worked as a private tutor and developed a strong interest in helping out my students with understanding of the concepts in a personalized and compelling structure. As a learning strategist at TUMBUK2 I look forward to help students develop and enhance their learning tactics, make them feel confident and motivate them to achieve their academic goals.

Subject Expertise:

Langauage Arts ( K - 12)

Math ( K - 10)

Functions, Adv. Functions,

Chemistry, Biology