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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

- Albert Einstein

Join The Team

We're very excited that you've shown interest in joining TMBUK2 Education's team of Learning Strategists. Being apart of this team means that you share a similar passion for empowering, supporting and motivating learners to do well in their personal and academic journeys. TMBUK2 Learning Strategists are responsible for planning and delivering a myriad of both in-home and online learning services including tutoring, courses, workshops for elementary and secondary learners. Additionally, Learning Strategists act as role models and mentors for learners of all ages. We understand that our Learning Strategists lead dynamic lives. This is why we've created a working environment that promotes growth, flexibility, and self-development along with training, support and feedback.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Learning Strategist

  • Serve as a mentor and role model for elementary and or secondary learners

  • Creating and delivering educational content for one-to-one and/or small group tutoring instruction 

  • Participating in the facilitation of elementary and/or secondary educational workshops

  • Willingness to engage in personal and professional development activities related to learning, tutoring and teaching alongside other Learning Strategists 

  • Communicate with Lead Learning Strategists to ensure progress and milestones are achieved for learners

Why Join?

  • Ongoing paid training opportunities

  • Flexible schedules

  • Competitive wage

  • Supportive team and leaders

  • Varying and frequent opportunities to acquire experience and develop skills as an educator

Qualifications of a Learning Strategist

  • Willingness to expand upon traditional tutoring methods and think creatively to plan fun and engaging learning activities for learners

  • Resourcefulness to search, access, and utilize learning tools and resources

  • Ability to set learning targets and goals for the purpose tracking learning progress 

  • Completing/completed bachelor's degree OR demonstrable expertise in subject areas (e.g. Math, English, Science, French language)

  • Ability to work with learners across multiple grades (e.g. kindergarten through to grades 4, grades 5 through 8, or grades 9 through 12)

  • Ability to work with learners in at least two (2) different subjects (e.g. Math and English, Science and French, etc.) 

  • 1+ years of tutoring or related experience

  • Access to personal vehicle or able to commute to deliver in-home tutoring sessions

  • Access to reliable personal device (laptop, tablet, chromebook) and internet for delivering online learning services

Become a Learning Strategist today. Click the button below to apply.

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